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Unlock the full potential of your Game Boy system with the Rox OS game pak. You’ll start off the journey by booting into the Rox OS desktop. From there, you can explore and find things from music to video games, or sit back and enjoy the photo gallery. Or... why not explore RoxNet and learn the guitar? Rox OS is the first operating system to offer all of this plus more on the go for your Game Boy. Gain access to the Rox Vault by scanning QR codes in the photos application directly from your Game Boy.

Rox OS

Release Date: Dec 11, 2021

Genre: Operating System

Developer: Tg Virtual

Publisher: Tg Virtual


Rox OS Physical

Rox OS Cartridge Mockup.png

What's in the box?

Official game pak

Hi-res Rox OS poster

Hi-res Rox OS manual

Free soundtrack download code


Rox OS Logo.png

Rox OS Digital


What's in the zip?

Official ROM file

Hi-res PNG file of Rox OS poster

Hi-res PNG file of  Rox OS manual

Hi-res PNG file of box art


What is the Rox Vault?

Originally, the plan was to include around 700 photos in Rox OS. Due to obvious limitations of the Game Boy, this was not possible. Unlock the entire unused photo collection and more bonus content by scanning the QR codes included in the Photos App.

Rox OS QR.png

Scannable QR code directly from your Game Boy!

*Free shipping with $100 or more

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