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Avalar by Robert Di Bartolomeo. Enter the world of Avalar and immerse yourself in this Classical/ Film Score compilation. Included in this cartridge are three selected tracks from the album playing behind a beautiful sleek style visualizer.


Dead March, The Alchemist Suite, Awake For The Sunrise

Written/Arranged/Recorded/Edited/Mixed by: Robert Di Bartolomeo

Master’s and Video Graphics by: Greg Johnson

Release Date: Dec 11, 2021

Genre: GBA Video Game Pak

Developer: Rob Dimeo

Publisher: Tg Virtual

GBA Video - AVALAR - Box Art.png

Avalar Physical

GBA Video - AVALAR - Box Art.png
Avalar Cartridge Mockup.png

What's in the box?

• Official blue GBA Video game pak

• Free soundtrack download code

• Compatible only with Game Boy Advance


Avalar Digital


What's in the zip?

• Official GBA Video ROM file

• Hi-res PNG file of Avalar box art

• Free soundtrack download code


*Free shipping with $100 or more

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