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Bowls for Breakfast

Bowls for Breakfast is Rob Dimeo's debut album. There's no shortage of energy when you start your day with Bowls for Breakfast. Included in this cartridge are two selected tracks from the album playing behind music videos along with one bonus track.


Hail to the Sun, Amadeus, Snow Go

Written/Arranged/Recorded/Edited by: Rob Dimeo

Mixed by: Rob Dimeo & Greg Johnson

Mastered by: Harry Hess

Release Date: Dec 11, 2021

Genre: GBA Video Game Pak

Developer: Rob Dimeo

Publisher: Tg Virtual

GBA Video - BFB - Box Art.png

Bowls for Breakfast Physical

GBA Video - BFB - Box Art.png
BFB Cartridge Mockup.png

What's in the box?

• Official black GBA Video game pak

• Free soundtrack download code

• Compatible only with Game Boy Advance


Bowls for Breakfast Digital


What's in the zip?

• Official GBA Video ROM file

• Hi-res PNG file of Avalar box art

• Free soundtrack download code


*Free shipping with $100 or more

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